Music Lessons

Whether you are a parent who wants to give your child the lifelong benefit of learning a musical instrument, a student seeking to improve your existing skills and develop your talents, or an adult wanting to take up playing an instrument, Discovery Music can help you achieve your goals!

Our students range in age from 5 to over 65 (we’re discrete, too), and in skills and experience from never having played a note, to advanced students preparing for university music study, and professional musicians getting specifically targeted coaching.

Please call (403) 225-8960 to find out about current lesson times available or book your lessons online.



About Lessons

Discovery Music is an independent music school for people of all ages. With our unique and innovative approach to private music lessons, aspiring musicians are equipped and encouraged to explore their creative potential and chart their own path to musical success. Based on the wise philosophy of Dr. Maya Angelou that “Those who can, MUST teach,” all of the musicians instructing at Discovery Music are accomplished, experienced, professional musicians and teachers.

Our students are:

  • Children learning their first musical instrument
  • Teens with all levels of musical background, from none to those preparing for post-secondary auditions and study
  • Adult beginners, those returning to music, or people who’ve always played but wish to improve
  • Performing musicians refining and developing their existing skills
  • Seniors and ‘empty nesters’ who’ve always wanted to learn…

Why Music Lessons?

Check out this recent NY Times article on the lifelong benefits of music education:

Music is an important and powerful part of our society and culture. It is a biological as well as an aesthetic part of human life. The many benefits of study include:

  • A significant positive correlation has been shown between music study and increased math, science, reading, history and SAT scores.
  • Personal expression
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Makes the learning process easier, aids the learning of language
  • Helps to develop imagination, creative thinking, communication and teamwork skills
  • Musical education has been shown to increase spatial-temporal reasoning (the kind of reasoning used in higher levels of math and science)
  • Music training can affect brain growth and organization. Music utilizes both sides of the brain