Instruments & Gear


Ludwig Drum Sets – as part of our Floor Model Blow-Out Sale we have 1 only: Ludwig five piece complete kit

Accent CS LC125 Power Set Features & Specifications

  • Bass: 16 inch x 22 inch
  • Floor Tom: 16 inch x 16 inch
  • Tom: 11 inch x 13 inch
  • Tom: 10 inch x 12 inch
  • Snare: 6.5 inch x 14 inch


Electric guitars by: Michael Kelly, Cort, Oscar Schmidt, Austin, Washburn, Jay Turser Acoustic guitars by: Norman, La Patrie, Blueridge, Oscar Schmidt, Cort BASSES – Electric basses from Hamer, Hofner, Cort, Upright basses from Knilling available by special order include pro set-up according to your playing style.

Brass and Woodwinds

Sadly, the James Galway Spirit Flutes have been discontinued. We have ONE left, a JG3 Series Intermediate Flute (Top of the Galway Spirit line).

Sterling silver, hand cut head joint with delrin stopper, closed hole, C foot. List Price $2179 CDN –  Sale Price $1089 CDN

Designed in collaboration with Sir James Galway, internationally renowned and revered virtuoso, soloist, performer and teacher, the Galway Spirit flutes are infused with his knowledge and embody his playing style. The JG3 is an exceptional step-up instrument. Reasonably priced with a hand-trimmed Sterling Silver head joint, this flute is an inspiration for the professional woodwind doubler or for the advancing student. Sterling Silver provides extra richness and depth to the tonal qualities of the flute. The flutist will have confidence that the flute’s sound carries and that the beryllium sprung mechanism delivers the action required of the most difficult technical passages.

We also carry Brass and Woodwinds from Selmer, Sankyo, Gemeinhardt, Brio, Andino, W. Nirschl, Trevor James, Vito, Emerson, LeBlanc, Holton, Bach, Yamaha Prelude by Selmer, Prelude by Bach: flutes, clarinets, alto and tenor sax, trumpets, and trombones at spectacular prices – made in Asia, designed to Bach and Selmer’s strict standards.

Drums & Percussion


We carry Ludwig, Latin Percussion, Toca, Mountain Rythm (sic), and Musser.

NEW at Discovery!

These are the new bass cabinets from David Nordschow Amplification DNA.

This is the guy who wrote the book on modern bass amps from the days when he started as a designer and developer for SWR. He moved on to build his own company, Eden, which became the world wide standard for professional bass players. Since Eden’s acquisition by a conglomerate he has been developing a new generation of speakers for this company that bears his name. They are everything you would expect from the man that wrote the book. Whether you play electric four, five or six string or upright, come in and try them for yourself.

TechspecsDNA (Autosaved) 1350OneSheet-08 DNA Weights and Dims




All the ‘small stuff’ you need from strings to winders, cables, tuners, metronomes and effects pedals, from: Planet Waves, D’Addario, Danelectro, ZOOM, Digitech, Savarez, KORG, Seiko, Wittner, Kyser EXCELLENT VALUE! AMPLIFIERS from Kustom Genz-Benz, Henrickson, & Marshall

Print Music

We stock a wide variety of print music from all publishers and musical styles. Normally in stock (please call to check – (403) 225-8960): Piano Adventures, Piano Odyssey, Four Star, Technical Requirements, Perfection Ear CDs, Wareham Theory, Sarnecki Theory, Items from the popular selections list from RCM. A wide assortment of PVG songbooks, both artist and musical genre based. Guitar Instruction books from: Berklee, Aaron Stang, Hal Leonard, RCM, Alfred, Mickey Baker, etc. Jazz Instruction and Songbooks from: Jamie Abersold, Alfred, Warner, and Hal Leonard Wind Instrument Books: Standard of Excellence, Rubank, Concert and Contest collections, Marcel Moyse, Disney and movie play-along series’, etc.